Do you sell motorbikes too?
No, selling motorbikes is not part of our business. If you are interested in buying a classic BMW motorbike, we can only point to familiar periodicals and Internet sources

I own a modern motorbike. Can I order spare parts from you?
Yes, every spare part for BMW motorbikes can be ordered through us. The only exception is for parts that require government approval (e.g. throttle sets)

Can I bring my modern motorbike for service or repair to your workshop?
That depends on several conditions. What kind of service or repair is required and how busy our workshop is. If the conditions allow, we are happy to change oil or change brake pads. If our schedule is already full, we concentrate however on our core business, classic motorbikes. Furthermore we will not be able to make repairs that require any kind of diagnostic tool.

Are all articles displayed in your online shop still available?
In our online-shop we have about 300’000 articles that can be ordered. There is sometimes the possibility for an article ordered to be temporarily or permanently out of stock.

Where in the online shop can I see, if you have a specific article on stock?
That is not apparent. If it is important for your situation, note the article number and give us a phone call or drop us an E-Mail. We will then gladly answer your question.

How long are your delivery times?
If the article(s) you ordered are on stock, we will deliver them immediately according to your chosen shipping option. If we need to order your article(s) for ourselves, it might take one to three weeks delivery time.

Do you deal with used parts too?
Besides a few exceptions (e.g. old housing parts), we are no motorcycle recycling company. We don’t rip motorcycles apart, nor do we buy/sell used parts.

I need only a small item. Can you put the part into an envelope and send to me by mail?
Unfortunately this is not possible. We only ship by registered parcel mail. This has, on one hand, contractual reasons; on the other hand, we consider it unprofessional to transport motorcycle parts unprotected in envelopes.