Company history

When in 1973 Mark Huggett started to clean his father’s BMW R27, he didn’t knew the long lasting passion it would create in him. The bike was later stolen, and found again a year later in a desolate state. This became Mark’s first restauration project.

Once caught by the “BMW-bug”, he got involved with the BMW club in South Africa and became associate editor of a BMW magazine named “Beemer”. He started to repair and restore several BMW bikes, at times flying to Europe to purchase spare parts. In 1982 he visited the BMW archives in Munich for the first time.

Relocating to Switzerland didn’t stop his great passion. Soon he started to sell spare parts on vintage cars and bike flea markets. Together with his wife Esther they rented a picturesque farm in Hedingen.

At the end of 1995 the couple founded Mark Huggett GmbH. In 1997 they established close contacts with BMW in Munich. This resulted in a close collaboration, in which the company was given an advisory role. Work started on the BMW ETK (electronic parts catalogue) for models pre 1969 to be created based on using digitalization of old spare parts catalogues. As a result of this time consuming work, Mark Huggett GmbH became an official BMW part supplier.

Accordingly, our own production range was built up that is to this day constantly growing. Among other things, steering head bearing sets, Bowden cables and speedometer. Whenever possible, spare parts are strictly reproduced according to original factory drawings in accordance with the original material specifications. More modern production methods and technologies have been (and will continue to be) used to help.

At the turn of the millennium, the company moved into a larger commercial building in Aargau-based Holderbank in order to meet the larger requirements.
In December 2000, Mark Huggett GmbH became the first and only official BMW Mobile Tradition (now BMW Classic) dealer. Our company is under the umbrella of BMW Switzerland.

At the beginning of 2013, a new commercial building was built and inaugurated. In addition to an even larger spare parts warehouse, it houses its own workshop. This enables restorations, repairs and service work to be carried out directly in-house.

In the spaciously designed showroom, every visitor has the opportunity to see different exhibits from the long history of BMW motorcycle up close.