As an official BMW Classic dealer since 2000, Mark Huggett GmbH has dedicated itself to the preservation and restoration of historic BMW motorcycles. This applies to the early pre-war models, the classic postwar motorcycles, from R24-R69S, or those from 1969 onwards in Berlin assembled machines. We also take care of BMW K models, which were so groundbreaking at the time.

The core business of the company is international spare parts wholesale. This is largely done via our online shop or ordering by e-mail. We also supply spare parts for private BMW motorcycle enthusiasts around the world who need high-quality replacement parts for their restoration or repair.

Our constantly growing in-house production range is subject to the highest quality standards. Wherever possible, these are reproduced according to Original BMW factory drawings and material specifications. This often happens today with the aid of modern production methods. In the philosophy that only the best is good enough for classic BMW motorcycles one of the great strengths of Mark Huggett GmbH.

We also have our own workshop, in which we perform all service and repair work, including complete restorations. Our workshop staff can draw on a large collection of technical information, factory drawings and, last but not least, unique experience and have been trained in dealing with classic motorcycles.

Our business is located in Holderbank AG, between Schinznach and Lenzburg. Easily accessible by car and by train.

We are happy to assist you, be it for technical information, spare parts or repairs.

Please contact us, we look forward to you!

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