Are you new to the world of classic BMW motorcycles?


You are now part of a fascinating and highly diverse world and we would like to welcome you here. Your motorcycle is a piece of motorcycle history and definitely worth preserving, whether pre-war machine or K-series, whether single cylinder or boxer. We are happy to help you keep your motorcycle on the road or bring it back to the road.

What bike am I riding?

This question seems simple and easy to answer. It should be noted, however, that a different type designation is often used in the vehicle ID card than the motorcycle actually has. For example, in the R25 series often only contains "BMW R25" in the vehicle card. No matter if it is an R25, an R25 / 2 or R25 / 3. However, these are three different motorcycles, some of which have big differences.
So, if you are not sure, let us know your frame and / or engine number and we can tell you exactly which bike it is.

First steps

As a first step, we recommend that you purchase an original BMW spare parts catalog if you have not yet received one for your motorcycle. It used to be an important tool for BMW contract mechanics and is indispensable for "Mr. DIY". If you do not do any work on the bike yourself, it is an important support for your mechanic.
Each assembly is detailed with all parts and shows the motorcycle in its original state. Many vintage motorcycles have been modified over the years. With the spare part numbers included in the catalog, you will also find all the spare parts quickly and conveniently in our online shop and it makes every spare part order easy.
For motorcycles from 1969 onwards the graphic spare parts catalog in our online shop is complete. If you wish, a print version of the spare parts catalog is also available for these newer motorcycles.

If you like to maintain your motorcycle yourself, we recommend that you get a repair manual. Often there is the misconception that the technology of classic motorcycles is "quite simple" and "manageable" and anyone with some skill can maintain and repair them. This assumption is too limited. Even older motorcycles require brand-specific know-how and there are specifications that must be adhered to. A good example of classic BMW motorcycles is the cardan final drive. If it is wrongly balanced, a very expensive damage and repair can be the result of it.

You are welcome to bring your motorcycle to our workshop for a first assessment. There are numerous “health” characteristics that we can judge from the outside. Of course there are at least as many, which one recognizes only, when the motorcycle is disassembled.

Is a restoration worthwhile?

That depends. Financially, a restoration is rarely worthwhile. The money invested very quickly exceeds the market value of a motorcycle.
However, if you are planning a restoration for the pleasure of restoring a motorcycle, it is definitely worth it. The emotional value of a vintage motorcycle and the restoration process can be limitless.

Restored motorcycles

Unfortunately, the predicate "restored" alone is not meaningful. Many of these bikes are called blenders. They appear in fresh, shiny lacquer dress and look like new at first glance. The second look unfortunately often brings pure disillusionment.
Often, motorcycles are restored without specific expertise and / or low-quality, or incorrect replacement parts are used. Many repairs have then to be done again and often with great effort "broken repaired" components need to be fixed again.
For the customer, such experiences often bring great frustration and financial damage.
It is worthwhile in any case to take a closer look at restored motorcycles.

The right engine oil

Sometimes old motorcycles struggle with oil loss and the new owner is forced to refill now and then.It is essential to use the right engine oil from day one. Engines up to 1969, for example, urgently require single-grade engine oils. Multi-grade engine oils, such as those found in gas stations and hardware stores, can result in major engine damage to these engines. Contact us, we are happy to advise you on this topic.